Scholarship Application 2020        Deadline:  May 1, 2020




SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATIONS:    The Southern Illinois District of the LWML is offering scholarships to students from our district who are preparing for full time service in the church. Students who hold membership in an LCMS Southern Illinois District congregation may apply for one of the following scholarships:


  • Seminary Scholarships
  • Student Assistance Fund Scholarships. These scholarships are given, as funds are available, to support undergraduate students in professional church worker programs in our synodical colleges and church workers taking graduate courses through one of our synodical schools.


To be considered, the completed application must be returned by May 1, 2020.

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SID 2020 Scholarship Application Form (0[...]
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Southern Illinois District LWML


All applicants must complete this questionnaire as accurately as possible.

Please type or print using black ink.


For which scholarship are you applying?


___ Student Assistance (Deaconess, Teacher, Director of Christian Education,


___Seminary Student Scholarship (Pastors)


Applicant’s Name          _________________________________     Age ___________

     Home address ____________________________________    Phone ______________

                             ____________________________________   Email ______________

     College address____________________________________


Single ______             Married ____        Spouse’s name _______________


                             Do you have children? ____   Ages of children _________________


Home Church _____________________________

       Pastor’s name __________________________

Church address    ______________________               Church Phone _______________


Church Activities _______________________________________________________________________



New Applicant ____       Re-applicant _____     Date of Application _________________


Application for scholarship beginning _____ ,20__ __ and ending ______, 20 __ __

                                                             (month)    (year)                    (month)     (year)

     at _________________ college/seminary at ____________________________

                 (name)               (select one)                       (city, state, zip)


Career goal _____________________     Degree being pursued _______________

Target date ________

(Pastor, Deaconess, Teacher, Director of Christian Education, Preseminary)

In what class will you be enrolled during the term of this scholarship (1st yr., 2nd yr, etc.)_________


  ____ I am presently enrolled    ___ I am officially accepted


 Are you presently employed in full time church ministry? ________

What position? _____________________________________________________________



Previous Schooling

   College/School _________________________  Degree Received ___________________

   Date Received ___________


   Address ________________________________________________

  Grade Pt._____________


Present Schooling   

   College _______________________________  Degree Expected____________________

   Date Expected ___________


   Address ___________________________________________________Grade Pt. ______


Financial Information

Are you currently employed   Full-time?    _____  Part time? _______  

  Yearly salary? ___________


Do you have summer employment? ______      Approximate summer wages $ __________


Is your spouse in school? _____ What year? ___  

How is your spouse’s schooling financed? _______________

Is your spouse working? _____  Spouse’s yearly salary? $__________


Do you have any savings? ____Amount saved $__________


Approximate yearly financial support from    Parents? $_______   College?  $_________

   Home Congregation? $ _________ Grants and Loans? $____________

   Scholarships? (list and give amounts) $________________________________________


   Others? (list and give amounts)  $__________________________________


Total debt for your education up to this time? $_________________________


Total anticipated costs for the school year – Include tuition, room, board, books, etc.               





If a scholarship is granted, the undersigned consents to be identified by name in reporting materials provided for participants at regular SID LWML Conventions


_________________________________           _____________________

 Applicant Signature                                            Date




All applications must be postmarked by May 1, 2020 to be considered for a

2020-2021 scholarship grant.


 If the committee does not have all of the above applicable information, your application will not be considered.


Please return this form to the Southern Illinois District LWML VP for Gospel Outreach:

     Mail to:           Miriam Koehne

                             1366 Stowe Avenue                or      email to:   

                             Greenville, IL  62246           


You will be notified by June 30, 2020 about whether you will or will not receive a scholarship.




Form revised – Nov. 2019