Mission  Musings

     Brought to you by the SID LWML Board of Directors

     “……..Come and see.”(John 1:39a).   These words written by the apostle John and shared with us in the Gospel for Jan. 14, 2018, have so many meanings and memories!   When my boys were little, it seems like I heard those words many times during the day—most of the time they were happy and excited,  “Come and see” words, but there were occasions when they were not so happy words.  Some of the “good” “come and sees” were for pretty flowers, sunsets, a tiny frog, baby kittens out in the barn, a “new” mining project in our garden, a pretty rock found along the lane, a bright butterfly—you get the idea.    Some of the not so “good” ones included the time one of my sons decided he could fly off the back of the chicken house –IF-- he had “tied” on wooden wings, or the time another of my sons found a “cat with no hair on its tail” to play with (a possum); or the time another of my sons cut a deep gash in his thumb while looking for treasure in the trash pile before my husband hauled it to the dump.   I’m sure all of you could share similar “come and see” stories—good and bad!

       There are many “come and see” stories in the Bible too-the angels inviting the shepherds to “come and see” the special Baby in the manger;   the angel inviting the women at the tomb on Easter morning to “come and see” the place where the body of their Savior had been laid and the angel who invited John to “come and see” the joys of eternity in heaven so he could share it with those reading his words in Revelations.  What wonderful words to share!

       Soon, we will be invited to once again, “come and see” the road our Savior traveled to the cross for us.    The season of Lent is a great time to “come and see” the good and the bad of our Savior’s last days here on this earth.  We see the wonder of His miracles, and the agony of His death.   We see crowds singing and cheering for Him as He enters Jerusalem, and crowds laughing and mocking Him at His crucifixion.  “Come and see” what He did for you and me, and all the people of this world.

        Have you shared these words with others around you?   Have you invited them to “come and see” God’s love for them in a Bible study, a servant event, Sunday services, an LWML activity?     Have you prayed for them, that they would be led by the Spirit to “come and see” God as THEIR Savior too.  Jesus invitation to the two men who would soon become His disciples is also an invitation to us and those around us.    How about instead of giving up something for Lent this year, we add something to our lives—add sharing the words that began this devotion with others who may not have heard the standing invitation from our Savior yet, to “COME AND SEE!”


February 2018


Helen Mayer,

SID LWML VP of Organizational Resources