Mission  Musings

     Brought to you by the SID LWML Board of Directors


    About a week ago, we had a nice shower of rain, just before sunset.   I was working in the house when my phone rang, and it was my youngest son, who said, “Mom, go look at the rainbow!”   I grabbed my camera, as those of you who know me well would assume, and rushed outside.   There was the brightest rainbow I have seen in a long time.  As I snapped pictures, and watched, another fainter rainbow appeared beside the bright one.    I stood there as the light sprinkle continued and watched as the rainbows slowly faded away.   But as I stood there enjoying their brief beauty, I realized something I had never thought about before.

    The dark storm clouds were to the right of the rainbow—dark and threatening-just like our sins.  Beside this darkness, was a red streak of color of the rainbow—the blood of Jesus, our Savior was red as He hung on the cross for our sins.  Next to the red streak, was a brilliant yellow streak-just like the sunrise on Easter morning, when our Savior rose from the dead.   A bold green band was the next color on the rainbow, and that reminded me of the new life we have because of Jesus’ new life after His Resurrection.  A narrow purple band –the next in the rainbow- reminds us of royalty—not just any royalty, but ours, as part of the …”royal priesthood” of believers.   The last band was a pretty blue—the blue of heaven, our eternal home!    The sky inside the rainbow was a soft blue—almost white—just like the robes we will be given when we reach our heavenly home.

      Wish I could share the picture of that rainbow with you, but I hope you can close your eyes and see it.   I know that from now on, whenever I see a rainbow, I will not only remember God’s wonderful promise to Noah, but I will also “see” the story of our salvation---in living color!


Helen Mayer

SID LWML VP of Organizational Resources