Mission  Musings

     Brought to you by the SID LWML Board of Directors


                 APRIL 20018                       

      “It’s about time!”   How many times have we heard these words?  If you are the parent of a teen-ager, I’m sure these words have been used many times when they come home later than we expected them too.    If you are the sometimes frustrated parent of a toddler who is learning many new life skills, I’m sure you have said or thought these words many times, sometimes in one day, before that toddler achieved yet another life skill.  If you are a patient waiting in a crowded waiting room to hear your name called to see the doctor, those words have a special meaning too.  If you are a tired driver, waiting at a stop light so  you can get on your way home, these words may be a daily part of your life.  If you are a teacher, who has spent a lot of time trying to get your class to master a particular math skill, or understand a science concept, when it finally happens, these words are words of triumph.

     These words convey such forceful meaning, whether they are used in anger, pride, joy, or even sadness.    “It’s about time!”   The writer of Ecclesiastes shared his thoughts about time in the wonderful timeless words in Ec. 3:1-8—if you don’t know these by memory, take a minute to read them now.

      When we look at Jesus life, there are a lot of “It’s about time!” moments.   Remember the shepherds watching their flocks on that first Christmas Eve—when the angels announced that Jesus, their Savior had been born—do you think, “It’s about time!” went though their minds? 

    Don’t you wonder if on that first Palm Sunday, as Jesus rode into Jerusalem on the donkey with the people singing and shouting, that He might have thought:  “’It’s about time!’  Time that they recognize Me as their king.” Or from the people’s view, those same, “It’s about time” words were words of gladness, that finally, their Savior, their King,  had come to them.

      Later that week, in the upper room, as Jesus ate the Last Supper with His disciples, can’t you just imagine Him looking about the room at these special friends, and sadly thinking, “ ‘It’s about time’ ” time for me to  leave them and head to the cross.    Even in the Garden after He left the disciples to pray, and Jesus heard the approaching soldiers coming for Him, I’m sure, these same words were on His mind,  “It’s about time!”

     Easter morning, after the Marys and Peter found the tomb empty, and heard the good news from the angel that Jesus had indeed rose from the dead, their thoughts had to be, “It’s about time”!

     In today’s world of hate, evil, sickness, natural disasters, and all the other results of man’s sin, we as Christians-citizens of God’s heavenly home, can live and wait in the hope, that someday soon, Our Savior will come again and take us home to live with Him in glory forever.   I for one am ready for that day, and can only say:   “It’s about time”!



Helen Mayer

VP of Organizational Resourses, SID LWML