Mission  Musings

     Brought to you by the SID LWML Board of Directors

                  THE FORGOTTEN GIFT


              Has it ever happened to you—we can be honest, we are among friends, that when you are putting away Christmas decorations in their totes until next year, and stacking the totes in your “storage” place that you find it---the forgotten gift?   You know, the one you found last January and knew immediately that it would be the perfect gift for a family member or friend so you bought it and put it “safely” away until Christmas.    Then in the midst of the pre-Christmas rush, what with all the decorating, parties, preparations, sending cards, buying, wrapping etc., that one special forgotten gift is just that—forgotten.   The gift itself is still “perfect”, it is still “safe” where you put it so many months ago, but all at once, it has become just something on the shelf taking up space.  The gift itself has not changed, only our “need” for it.  How could we do that, forget the perfect” gift?    How could we not see it when we got all the Christmas stuff out?  What were we thinking?

             The answer could be that we were so busy looking for the things that have become part of our Christmas traditions, that we failed to see that very special gift among all the other decorations for Christmas.  We were not thinking of what we were going to give to others, rather what we needed for ourselves in the holiday preparations.  We were in such a hurry to get ready for Christmas, that we forgot the reason for Christmas—sharing gifts, be they material gifts, or gifts of our time and our talents.

           Probably by now, many of you have figured out that the forgotten gift is not just a material thing, but rather the most important Christmas gift of all time—Our Savior, Jesus Christ!     Don’t let Him be the forgotten gift that we find only when we “put” Christmas away for another year.   Don’t get so busy with your Christmas preparations that you forget the reason for Christmas in the first place.   He is the Gift above all gifts, the one we should share with everyone—always the perfect size, color, always just right and just what everyone needs! 

         Christmas blessings as you enjoy the PERFECT GIFT of all times—not just at Christmas, but 365/24/7!!!!!



Helen Mayer