2018-2020 Mission Grants continued:

Mission Grants continued.....

Grants number 10 - 13

LCMS Campus Ministry Outreach Program SIUE - Edwardsville

$3,500 - amount paid $1,750

This ministry is a special group and a unique outreach effort of the Southern IL District.  Their focus is simple but profoundly difficult in the present culture: Believe Teach and Confess Jesus Christ.  They seek to provider theologically sound materials that their students can use and share with others. Monies received from this grant are used for books, handouts, brochures, devotionals, cost to maintain the campus ministry website and snacks for Bible study hour.

Christ Our Savior Lutheran High School, Evansville Tuition Assistance

$4,000 - Amount paid 

The mission of COSLHS is to provide academic opportunities for their students while staying grounded in God’s Word.   The Tuition Assistance Fund is a project that enables families to continue the Christ-centered education of their children even in the midst of financial difficulties. All school families pay a portion of tuition but this fund alleviates the full burden.

American & International Campus Ministry; SIU Carbondale

$4,000 - amount paid $2,000

The American and International Student Ministry in Carbondale is a work and sacrament based ministry of Our Savior Lutheran Church.  The ministry includes a weekly Bible study for 40-50 International students and has about 35 American students in worship.  In the past year, several Chinese persons have been baptized.   Interaction between the American Campus Ministry and the Chinese community through home cooked meals on Sunday allows sharing their cultures and faith during fellowship and Bible study.  A bi-lingual bulletin is printed for weekly worship service so that everything is both in Chinese and English.

Trinity/HOPE Feed Children of Lutheran Schools in Haiti; Gallatin, TN

$5,000 - amount paid $2,500

This mission started in 1999 with a lunch program at one school of 42 children and has expanded to 118 schools with many more on the waiting list.  These children need to be nourished not only physically but also with the Work of the Lord.  For almost half the children being served, this nutritious meal of beans and rice is the only food they receive in a 24-hour period.  The hot lunch enables them to be better nourished, increase their attention span and enhances their ability to learn.  These precious children who attend a Trinity Hope school bring their joy and hope in Christ back to their homes, where parents have become Christians by their children’s witness, and the leading of God’s gracious Spirit.