2018-2020 Mission Grants

Total Mite Goal:  $60,000

Seminary Student Scholarships SID


SID LWML Scholarships, in answer to the Great Commission to make disciples of all nations, this grant is helpful for seminary students, who are members of congregations located in the Southern Illinois District, and attending one of our Synodical Seminaries. Applications from vicars/filed workers serving in our SID can be considered for these scholarships. 

Camp Wartburg's "Shepherding Sheep" Camp for people with disabilties      


This camp connects young people who are willing to serve with youth and adults who are challenged by mental and/or physical disabilities.  These are two very different audiences who have two things in common – they are difficult groups to ‘reach’ and to engage in ‘regular’ church life; and they are often overlooked when it comes to service in the church.  While at camp, those with disabilities get to hear God’s Word, have new life experiences and feel that what they say and do matters.  The young people are challenged to reach outside their comfort zone and experience the satisfaction of servicing others through simple devotions, being companions, sharing their personal faith which has sometimes led to future careers of working with people having disabilities.  Camper caregivers also get a week of respite while their campers enjoy their week of freedom as well.  This camp is subsidized to help make it affordable.     

Unity Lutheran Christian Elementary School, East St Louis


This grant provides support for the Scholarship Fund at Unity Lutheran Christian Elementary School. The flexible tuition policy makes it possible for students to attend Unity but the primary purpose is not to simply fill the seats.  Unity’s purpose is to teach the children in those seats about the awesome love of God through His Son, Jesus Christ.

Shared Prison & Jail Ministry in Southen Illinois District, LCMS

$6,000 Amount paid:  $3,000

Each week between 25 and 30 Professional Church Workers and Lay Prison and Jail Ministry Volunteers participate in this ministry.  These lay workers and volunteers go to 19 large prison settings, 2 state mental health facilities, 3 youth facilities and 3 jail settings.  They not only bring the Good News of the Gospel to prisoners, both male and female, but also become a source of hope and example of the Christian faith and journey through difficult times.  This is done under the guidelines of the SID Task Force on Prison & Jail Ministry, under the auspice of the Southern Illinois district Mission Board.  SID LWML has been an ongoing supporter of this project through mite grants to supply funds for materials and training. We purchase Bibles, Bible study materials, Catechisms (all in English and Spanish) and provide Prison Ministry Training.

Esther Comfort Dog Ministry Deployment Fund, Collinsville

$4,500 - amount paid $2,250

The dogs of the Lutheran Church Charities K9 Comfort Dog Ministry are mission-oriented.  They bring comfort to individuals and families suffering pain or loss, calm distressed, facilitate conversations, work with disabled, veterans, the elderly, and children and are used in counseling situations. The funds are used to help cover the deployment costs by the Ministry Team in out of town deployments. The goal is to have ‘boots and paws’ on the ground within 24 hours of being called.

Student Assistance Fund Scholarships - SID


The earnings of the SID LWML, was set up years ago by the daughters of two faithful LWML members, who directed their memorials to our Student Assistance Fund. Earnings from this fund are available for scholarships to students attending LCMS colleges to become teachers, DCF’S, deaconesses and pre-seminary.

Orphan Grain Train Hurricane Relief; Norfolk, NE

$4,000  - amount paid $4,000

Orphan Grain Train is a Christian volunteer network whose mission is disaster and humanitarian relief for people in American and around the world.  What makes them unique is they are committed to long term help, 1-2 years minimum.   This grant will help them to continue providing aid, construction materials and relief supplies for families that have lost everything from devastating disasters.

Chist Our Rock Lutheran High School, Centralia Rev. Timothy Mueller Mentor Gramt

$4,000 - Amount paid $2,000

The Rev. Timothy Mueller mentor Grant was established in 2013, honoring him for his dedicated service to the high school.  The mission focus at Christ Our rock is to develop future Christian leaders. This grant addresses the need for assistance to families who desire their children to receive a Christian education

Metro-East Lutheran High School, Edwardsville Student Scholarship & Tuition Assistance

$4,000 - Amount paid $2,000

Metro-East Lutheran High School is committed to sharing the good news of our Savior Jesus Christ through Lutheran education to all families.  Approximately 20% of the current school families need additional assistance to meet the growing increases in tuition costs.